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Trade responsibily using simple yet powerful strategies based on Technical Analysis!


Kumar Jay and his team has an experience of over half a decade in the Financial markets.Kumar Jay did his graduation and post graduation from sysmbiosis college of arts and commerce ,Pune..

While everyone talks about a holy grail stock market strategy , Kumar Jay teaches you how to control the financial markets with emotional discipline and Risk management.

He strictly believes that knowledge works best in the stock market , and not tips.And with over 50,000 hours spent in the stock market ,he promises to make Stock market trading work for you.

Our Specialities



“ Bhaav bhagwan che “




  • KUMAR JAY and his team aims at helping individuals looking forward for a consistent source of income from the stock market’s by providing a hand’s on experience in the world of trading.
  • With over half a decade experience in the world of financial market’s , we will teach you what matters the most to make it big in the financial market’s
  • We Empower our students by working with them consistently over 3 month in the live market  so that they excel not just in theory but also in real market’s. Most of the training institutes teach and leave , We teach and stay with you forever.

How are we different?

  • Most trader’s are struggling with price action strategies as they don’t have a defined entry, exit point’s .price action has become more of a drawing tool, rather than it becoming a decision-making trading tool. We have designed some rule-based , location-based trading which clearly tells you your entry, exit and most important your stop loss point
  • We have designed strategies that can be backtested thoroughly and we ensure that learner’s backtest all the strategies and we allow one of the learner’s to trade on our account based on his / her backtesting efforts for one month
  • Yes you heard it right, put efforts, and we will allow you to trade on our account
  • Don’t believe us? checkout our previous system trader’s


Mentorship Program

Program Details

  • Guide to Futures and Options
  • Objective Index Trading Setups
  • Momentum and Breakout Trading in stocks
  • Access to Automated stock alerts
  • Gaps trading
  • Risk management
  • Passive Income Trading (require 2 min of the day)
  • EOD and Live market stock selection
  • Secret trick to run profit’s to get higher risk to reward ratio​
  • Access to private telegram channel
  • Access to session recordings
  • Lifetime membership and assistance
  • Live trading positions will be taken to help you understand options