About Us

About Us

Kumar Jay and his team has an experience of over half a decade in the Financial markets. Kumar Jay did his graduation and post graduation from symbiosis college of arts and commerce, Pune.

While everyone talks about a holy grail stock market strategy ,Kumar Jay teaches you how to control the financial markets with emotional discipline and Risk management.
He strictly believes that knowledge works best in the stock market , and not tips.And with over 50,000 hours spent in the stock market ,he promises to make Stock market trading work for you.
Kumar Jay specializes in making trading very simple and with his concepts on price action , pivot points and emotional intelligence ,you’re on your way to becoming a consistent profitable trader.He specializes in relating the price with human behavior to make trading look sensible. His wide experience in Financial markets has helped his participants achieve immense confidence in taking trades with confidence.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.


In the world of technology, we have become a victim of abundance information. We have a lot of analyst’s, but not many trader’s due to over analysis, complicated strategies, no defined entry and exit point’s.

Our objective is to ensure that we give you location based, rule driven setups to ensure that you become a trader, and not a analyst

Our process driven setup’s will make trading Peaceful.

Our Approach

I strongly believe that Trading is all in the mind. The only thing that differentiates a successful trader from the rest is his /her mindset. I first help you devlop a successful trader’s mindset by teaching you the crux of how trading works.
And as we prepare your mind , we start teaching you proven back tested strategies that will help you generate consistent stress free in come from the stock market
No matter whether you are new to the world of stock market, or you have been here for a long time, our trading approach will change the way you look at the Stock market. We will teach you strategies that we use personally for equities, futures and options will be covered to you during the duration of the course, hence ensuring that you will become an independent trader.